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Daily Reflection: February 21, 2017 - HOPE

One Bread, One Body - Reflection for February 21, 2017

"HOPE IN HIM" (Sir 2:6)

"Study the generations long past and understand; has anyone hoped in the Lord and been disappointed?" –Sirach 2:10

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and then imprisoned, losing at least ten of the best years of his life (Gn 37:1ff). Yet he never wavered in his hope, and God restored him far beyond what he could have imagined. Abraham, Joshua, Caleb, and Ruth also suffered for years in "the generations long past...[They] hoped in the Lord" and were not disappointed (Sir 2:10).

"Hope is the confident expectation of divine blessing" (Catechism, 2090). When divine blessing seems withheld for a long time, it could be a time of trial (Sir 2:1), adversity (Sir 2:2), or testing (Sir 2:5) meant to strengthen and purify us. If this trial lasts months or even years, we can become heartsick (Prv 13:12) and be tempted to lose hope. Since hope is also "the fear of offending God's love and of incurring punishment" (Catechism, 2090), as we lose hope, we become less afraid of God and more susceptible to sin. But then, as sin increases, hope decreases. Sin can drain our hope. Therefore, repent! "Make straight your ways and hope in Him" (Sir 2:6). "Happy the man whose conscience does not reproach him, who has not lost hope" (Sir 14:2).

Ask the Lord for a great increase in your hope. "None who hope in Him shall fail in strength" (1 Mc 2:61). God says: "Those who hope in Me shall never be disappointed" (Is 49:23).

"This hope will not leave us disappointed, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us" (Rm 5:5).

PRAYER: Father, "sustain me as You have promised, that I may live; disappoint me not in my hope" (Ps 119:116).
PROMISE: "Take delight in the Lord, and He will grant you your heart's requests." –Ps 37:4
PRAISE: St. Peter generally shared his meals with several poor people, serving them himself (cf Lk 14:13-14).


H - Hold
O - On
P - Pain
E - Ends

H - Have
O - Only
P - Positive
E - Expectations

Daily Reflection: Feb. 20, 2017

One Bread, One Body - Reflection for February 20, 2017


Jesus said "to the crowd, 'What an unbelieving lot you are! How long must I remain with you? How long can I endure you?' " –Mark 9:19

A lack of faith distresses Jesus (Mk 6:6). Jesus came into the midst of a crowd which lacked faith and expressed His exasperation quite openly (Mk 9:19, 23). Many of us are surrounded by crowds of people who lack faith. What is our comfort level in these crowds? Does it likewise distress us that people live lives lacking in faith? What kind of words do we speak when in the presence of a lack of faith? Do we say:

  • "I understand your financial problems. I agree, you really should use birth control."

  • "It must be awful living with such a wife. I agree, you really should leave her."

  • "I know you are fed up with the Church. I agree, you really should get away from those people."

Or are we distressed by a lack of faith and speak as Jesus did?

  • "Trust in God. He will provide for your large family" (see Phil 4:19).

  • "God will give you the grace to love your spouse more deeply. Be faithful to your vows" (see Mt 19:6, 26).

  • "Do not leave the Church. Believe that Jesus is working powerfully in the Church" (see Heb 10:25; Eph 1:22).

After Jesus expressed His exasperation in today's Gospel reading, He challenged the father's faith (Mk 9:23), raised the father's level of faith (Mk 9:24), and then taught His disciples to expel demons by prayer and fasting (Mk 9:29; Mt 17:21, NAB). Are you distressed by a lack of faith enough to pray, fast, and speak as Jesus did? "Your attitude must be that of Christ" (Phil 2:5).

PRAYER: Father, give me the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16).
PROMISE: "Fear of the Lord warms the heart." –Sir 1:10
PRAISE: David fasts twice a week in penance and in petition for abortionists.

Today's Gospel (Mark 9:14-29) was about a father who was worried for his son who is "possessed by a mute spirit.
Wherever it seizes him, it throws him down; he foams at the mouth, grinds his teeth, and becomes rigid". The crowd and Jesus's disciples were unable to drive the spirit out. Jesus was distressed about out lack of faith and that only "through prayer" can we drive out a spirit so powerful.

medlinks: 02.18.2017
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Daily Reflection: February 8, 2017

One Bread, One Body - Reflection for February 8, 2017


"What emerges from within a man, that and nothing else is what makes him impure." –Mark 7:20

"All these evils come from within and render a man impure." –Mark 7:23

The source of "acts of fornication, theft, murder, adulterous conduct, greed, maliciousness, deceit, sensuality, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, an obtuse spirit" (Mk 7:21-22) is the impurity inside us. Consequently, it is very important to be cleansed inside and to remain clean inside. This means that:

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of God's most precious gifts because of its cleansing power.

  • The penitential rite at the beginning of Mass is one of the more important moments of our day and life.

  • To hear God's cleansing Word daily is even more necessary than to wash daily (see Eph 5:26; Jn 15:3).

  • Fasting, because of its cleansing power, should be highly valued.

  • The defilement from most TV programs is intolerable.

  • "Dirty language" and "dirty pictures" are aptly named and are worse than living in a garbage can.

  • The defilement from unforgiveness must be removed immediately (see Mt 5:25).

Be clean and stay clean – deep inside – and thus be free and holy.

PRAYER: Father, whatever it takes, cleanse the temple of my heart (see Jn 2:15ff).
PROMISE: "The Lord God formed man out of the clay of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and so man became a living being." –Gn 2:7
PRAISE: St. Josephine forgave those who enslaved her and gave herself freely to her Lord.


Daily Reflection: February 2, 2017 - present yourself

One Bread, One Body - Reflection for February 2, 2017


"Who will endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears?" –Malachi 3:2

Today the Church celebrates the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem. In that same spirit, we present ourselves today to the Lord, especially in the Mass. We present ourselves to Jesus, the great High Priest, Who became like us "in every way, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest before God" on our behalf, to expiate our sins (Heb 2:17). "Since [Jesus] was Himself tested through what He suffered, He is able to help those who are tempted" (Heb 2:18).

We have days when things are going so badly that all we can do is come before the Lord Jesus just as we are and tell Him: "Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner" (see Lk 18:13). We can always present ourselves to Jesus and tell Him: "Lord, I don't have much to offer You, but what I have I give You" (see Acts 3:6).

Jesus invites you to present yourself before Him, just as you are. He says: "Come to Me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and I will refresh you" (Mt 11:28). Jesus says: "No one who comes [to Me] will I ever reject" (Jn 6:37). Jesus became like you so that you would realize that you can "approach God through Him" (Heb 7:25; Eph 2:18). Present yourself to Jesus today, just as you are. Receive His life-giving love.

PRAYER: Jesus, I will present myself to You in the Sacrament of Reconciliation as soon as possible.
PROMISE: Anna "gave thanks to God and talked about the Child to all who looked forward to the deliverance of Jerusalem." –Lk 2:38
PRAISE: Praise Jesus, "a revealing Light to the Gentiles, the Glory of Your people Israel!" (Lk 2:32)


Bullet Journal: weekly spread ideas
I have been doing the Bullet Journal for almost nine months now and have been trying to find the ideal weekly spread for  me. I wanted a weekly spread so I can see what will happen in that week and not to clutter my daily entries. I hope I will be inspired by tinyrayofsunshine's post in her blog. 

Quotes: moods

One Minute Meditations: June 1, 2016 - not alone

Don't give way to sadness when it feels as if the Lord has given up on you. Seek Him with greater determination. He who is Love does not leave you on your own.

Be convinced that "He has left you on your own" out of Love, so that you may see clearly in your life what is his and what is yours.

- St. Josemaria Escriva, The Forge, #250

One Minute Meditations, June 1, 2016

One Minute Meditations: May 4, 2016 - YOU CAN!!!
You Can!
Small child, you would cease to be one if anyone or anything came between you and God.

- St. Josemaria Escriva, The Forge, #350

One MInute Meditations, May 4, 2016

Quotes: good job

One Minute Meditations

You tried to belittle somebody else's work by mumbling: "He has only done his duty."

And I said, "Does that seem so little to you?" The Lord gives us the happiness of Heaven for doing our duty: Euge serve bone et fidelis... intra in gaudium Domini tui – Well done good and faithful servant, enter into eternal joy!
– St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow, #507

One Minute Meditations, January 20, 2016

Quote: gift of tongues
One Minute Meditations


I pray every day with all my heart that God may give us the gift of tongues. Such a gift of tongues does not mean knowing a number of languages, but knowing how to adapt oneself to the capacities of one's hearers.

It's not a question of "simplifying the message to get through to the masses", but of speaking words of wisdom in clear Christian speech that all can understand.

This is the gift of tongues that I ask of Our Lord and of his Holy Mother for all their children.
– St. Josemaria Escriva, The Forge, #634

http://www.mycatholic.com/, One Minute Meditations, December 21, 2015

Quotes: Listen
One Minute Meditations

The Tongue
Having the gift of tongues is knowing how to transmit the knowledge of God – an essential requisite for whoever is to be an apostle. That is why I ask God Our Lord each day to grant it to every one of his sons and daughters.
– St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow, #899
http://www.mycatholic.com/, One Minute Meditations, December 16, 2015

Quotes: Sincerity
The dust thrown up by your fall blinds and disorients you, and you have thoughts which rob you of your peace.

Have you sought relief in tears by the side of Our Lord, and in confident conversation with a brother?

– St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow, #324

http://www.mycatholic.com/, One Minute Meditation, December 15, 2015

Quotes: One Minute Meditations

Holy Mary is the Queen of peace, and thus the Church invokes her. So when your soul or your family are troubled, or things go wrong at work, in society or between nations, cry out to her without ceasing. Call to her by this title: Regina pacis, ora pro nobis – Queen of peace, pray for us." Have you at least tried it when you have lost your calm? You will be surprised at its immediate effect.
– St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow, #874
http://www.mycatholic.com/ One Minute Meditations, October 27, 2015

Regina pacis, ora pro nobis - Queen of Peace, pray for us


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