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Entry 2: vlogging observations and dagdag alindog challenge
2017.05.03 Wednesday Quezon City

We went to Bicol this weekend (long weekend!) and I did some videos which I still have to edit and upload. I watched it on the camera and still have to see it on a bigger screen to see if 1) I can hear myself speak, 2) I will not get dizzy watching it, 3) it is interesting to watch. We had to go to work yesterday after arriving around midnight and with a 4 hour sleep I felt lightheaded and will not be able to produce any vlog worthy of watching. I have also been taking a LOT of pictures. So during this trip I took more pictures than shooting videos, this made me wonder which to prioritize during the process of documentation. If I took videos using an android phone I would be able to take some pictures but it will depend on the resolution I will use which I think will use up a lot of memory space. Hence this decision making process of choosing between pictures vs videos. During shooting there are some instances I wished I could have shot that pic instead of shooting a video and vice versa. How difficult it is?! Need more time to process this one out. Can anyone point me to the right direction? Does anyone out there also has this difficulty?

On another note, I will start the Dagdag Alindog challege (Dagdag Alindog = add charm). My boss gave me a supplement that will help me readjust the capacity of my stomach without curbing the appetite and aid in burning and elimination of fat. It is the Sunrider product Suntrim+. I have taken it this morning 30 minutes before breakfast. After eating breakfast I have felt the urge to move my bowel and after the first move I thought that that was it. It was like a regular BM. Then after a few minutes my abdomen was hurting and it felt like my intestines were being squeezed and trying to pust everything out and I also felt like vomiting. I then moved 3 more times before everything calmed down. I will update this until the end of the 10 day challenge. Wish me luck!
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