Reaction: Horimiya (anime)

Title: Horimiya, Hori to Miyamura, ホリミヤ
Release/Run Date: January 10 to April 4, 2021
Date I watched on Netflix: July 1 - 10, 2021
Plot/Summary/Synopsis: MyAnimeList or IMDb or Fandom

Pic source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/42897/Horimiya

[High school life oh my high school life]Ever since I have heard that there will be an anime adaptation of this manga I am excited! I have been following this manga for a while now and I love the story. The anime stays true to the story line though there are some skips from the manga. I find the manga to be lighthearted even if its based on slice of ife, but the anime feels heavy. It was sad for me. I was expecting it to be uplifting like when I read the manga. It is a different take on what I expect but its refreshing to think that high school stories is taken seriously. That's my opinion though, please do not take it in the context of this reaction. It is good to watch as it makes me nostalgic to my own high school life.

Storyline: 4/5
Emotions evoked: giddy for high school love story

Reaction: Major Grom: Plague Doctor (Russian movie)

Title: Майор Гром: Чумной Доктор, Major Grom: Plague Doctor
Release Date: May 5, 2021; July 8, 2021 Netflix
Date I watched on Netflix: July 10, 2021
Plot/Summary/Synopsis: IMDb
I was intrigued by the synopsis they have put up in Netflix and cannot wait to watch this. I was excited as the first scenes were being shown. It is my first time to watch a Russian movie. Sadly, I had to switch to English dubbed since I was watching with my mother.
This movie has a really good cinematography. I loved the camera works. The scene cuts were so good. There are some actors who look like some Hollywood actors that its easy to remember which is which. The flow of the movie is good too. Its just enough to keep you on your toes and there are also light moments so you can catch your breath. There is also a plot twist that I did not expect.

Storyline: 5/5
Emotions evoked: don't know what to expect

My Confusing Morning about the 9Souldiers

I woke up this morning with no expectations whatsoever. As my routine, I open the bird app and was very confused. The first twit I read was about the concert on 4/11 by Hey! Say! JUMP will be the last as 9. I was confused. But as I scrolled through my time line I slowly became heartbroken. I just learned that the group has anounced that Keito would be leaving HSJ but not the agency and will work as actor. I was a little sad but then again I have a lot to say about this matter. I want to say it out instead of hiding it inside.

The first time it was anounced that Keito would be going abroad to study theater acting I was wondering why he had to go. Then, it hit me. He would have not been comfortable being in acting classes in Japan. It would be like he will still be in the shadow of his father or his mother or of his members. He needed to go out and figure it out for himself. To experience what it's like to be anonymous. Even if he did not need it, I gave my blessings and prayers for his well-being and hope he will be successful. I was so proud when I saw him performing to the crowd in a small bar. When he graduated, I expected that he will go back to Japan and work on stageplays. But I was a lttle disappointed when he stayed on. I kept thinking that if he wanted to prove his growth shouldn't he do that in Japan? I don't get it. Why? But then again, I don't know him personally so I just support him as a fan. I always felt that he would come back. I always see his place during dance formations

I understand that there will some who are mad at him, some will be glad that he will be gone, but I think most fans are sad that he will leave. I for one am sad. But I am also glad that he has decided on a path that he is willing to take and will try to support him and also the members of HSJ. Keito is my third favorite member. I first noticed him during the first full concert of HSJ I have ever watched and it was "Dear" live.  During the "Eve" performance he had this Gackt-vibe, so rock and roll. As I learned more about the boys, I am happy to learn that he is a gentleman and a great guitarist. Although he is not my ichiban, he captured my attention as the guy who tries his best. It may seem that in a group where everyone stands out, he may look like he will always be in the last. But I can feel his inner strength and I look forward his see his talent being shown!

Good luck and good health Keito!

Reaction: Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist

Title: Dr. Ramune - Mysterious Disease Specialist / 怪病医ラムネ
Release/ Run Date: January 10 - March 28, 2021
Date I watched on Youtube: February to March 30, 2021 (I started late)
Channel: where I watched
Plot/ Summary/ Synopsis: https://ramune-anime.com/en/    OR https://myanimelist.net/anime/42822/Kai_Byoui_Ramune

Kai Byoui Ramune
pic source: https://myanimelist.net/anime/42822/Kai_Byoui_Ramune

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Storyline: 4/5 (I am curious to Dr. Ramune's back story)
Emotions evoked: this is interesting...
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Reaction: Dr. Stone (anime)

Title: Dr. Stone /ドクターストーン
Release/ Run Date: July 5 -December 31, 2019
Date I watched on Netflix: November - December 2020
Plot/Summary/Synopsis: https://dr-stone.fandom.com/wiki/Dr._Stone_(Anime)

Dr Stone Blu-ray Disc Box 1.jpg
[Senku, very much!]I was intrigued by the plot and the trailer and knew that I had to watch. I was expecting a bit of alchemy (isn't it?) but for it to be focused on science, it was amazing. What is even more amazing for me is Senku's memory and his utilization of it. The storytelling is a little dragging at first but it must be due to extensive explanation of how science-ey is everything (which it really is, well most of it).  The struggle to survive in this new world is real. I recommend you to watch it. It has intrigue! It has action! It has drama! A love story? Yes! It has. And it has a LOT of science!!!

Storyline: 5/5
Emotions evoked: huh?! at first, then ooohs and ahhhs 

Reaction: Sweet Home (Korean series)

So, yeah! I decided to post my movies and series and anime reaction here and music/songs in DW. The first reaction I'm going to do is for the Korean series "Sweet Home".

Title: 스위트홈
Release Date: December 18, 2020

Sweet Home TV series.jpg
[Home, sweet home]Since its the holidays and I had free time, I was able to binge watch this series. At first, I really had no intention to watch but it keeps popping up on so I gave it a go. The plot of monsters also made me  curious. I like how the story progresses and the cliffhangers got to me everytime that I had to continue watching. There is little jump-scares and more on adrenaline rush. There were characters that I dislike like the siblings but they were necessary characters. Each has a role to play and that they really did their part. I can understand their personal struggles and I can empathize with some. In the end, as with every survival story, the strive to stay alive while fighting fear is so human.

Story line: 4/5
Emotions evoked: grrr (I don't know how to say it), screaming at the TV

Reaction List

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to do a list of the shows or albums/songs I have done a reaction post for. As for now I do some anime and movies reaction in LJ and songs in DW. But seeing as its all over the place right now, I plan to share in both journals as of now so I could organize.

Ajin: Demi-Human - movie
Howl's Moving Castle - anime movie
Kingdom - movie

Doctor X - series
Creepy - movie
Chokosoku! Sankin Kotai - movie
HSJ! Lucky Unlucky/ OH! My Darling - album
Yorozu Uranaidokoro e Yokoso - series
Arashi Find the Answer - album
Arashi Untitled - album

As you can see, it seems I have no direction whatsoever! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I hope I can remedy this.

Reaction: Ajin: Demi-Human (movie)

Title: 亜人
Release Date: September 30, 2017
Date I watched: August 2020 on Netflix
Plot/ Summary/ Synopsis: https://asianwiki.com/Ajin:_Demi-Human

Ajin (2017) - IMDb

[Half-dead or Half-alive?]I like watching supernatural or sci-fi movies (that do not gross or is not that scary on certain days) and I was curious about the story of Ajin. I have seen some ads regarding the anime but I was not invested into watching that at that moment. Then I searched if there are any Satoh Takeru shows in Netflix and this is the one that popped up.

The plot summary grabbed my interest because of how is he dead and alive? Hmmmm... I was urged to watch. For some people, the urge to stay human is strong while overcoming some obstacles. We sometimes forget to care for others when we want to achieve a goal. That is one of the moral problems we can encounter in this movie. To the betterment of ourself, we tend to set aside our compassion for others. We can also find love in this movie. A love between siblings, between strangers. The love to take care of other's well-being. The movie also shows how news can be manipulated to bring out crowd mentality. Since we cannot know all the facts behind a story, we tend to believe what we see firsthand and ignore the other facts that are presented. I guess the main point of this movie is to consider our humanity and check our selfishness. This is particularly applicable in the situation of the pandemic we are in right now. We need to put in our mind that the safety measures that the government has put is to the well-being of not only ourselves but also to keep people within our circles safe and healthy.

Storyline: 4/5
Emotions evoked: I feel one with the humanity of the good Ajin but also understand why the bad Ajin wants to do what he wants to do
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Quiz I Took Today

"What Should I Do with My Life" quiz from this site

[And my result is...]

What you should do with your life is...

Write a book

You should write a book. Others could learn a great deal from you. It could be about you or even a life lesson but you have a way with words. Use your gift and get started on your book. You probably already have something that you have been writing that could be published.
I never expected that there would be a quiz regarding this particular question. I tried the first site that appeared and this surprised me. The site did say that I control what would happen in my life but its fun to see what others might think.

This is fun (for now), and I want to do another one!