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Entry 1: going to do vlogging and blogging
2017.04.13 Holy Thursday, Quezon City

I have been watching vlogs (video logs) for the past month and I say, I have been hooked. It started out as watching a video on YT about make up how to's and I was pulled into the rabbit hole. Now I am following a few channels and I am watching their vlogs. My cousin is telling to do vlog too. At first I am at a lost on what to vlog/blog about. But most of the sites say "JUST BE YOURSELF". I have some troubles regarding this:
1. I AM REALLY VERY SHY - I tried shooting a vlog this morning and edited it even but my voice was really low that the background music is much louder. It was even put on low. hahahaha...
2. What will I talk about? I have so many varied interests that I don't know if I could even share it. Should I list it down? I think I will but I am not sure.... I am having anxiety attacks now (maybe I should vlog/blog about this).
3. How to start? The pros said:  JUST DO IT. And one does not need a high end equipment. One just need a camera and some video editor and a channel. Easy peasy... (yeah right, I have shyness issues)

A mentor did say that I have to talk to a picture so that I can have better confidence in speaking and talking to others. I think, I will. I will make this public then.

- PPop
- JPop ~ only Arashi hahaha
- Anime
- Books
- Movies
- Make Up (very recent only) ~ I am a late bloomer
- food
- photography ~ icon making (I so miss this); scenery; close ups (micro(?))
- video editing

 -- TheSITSGirls
 -- WikiHow: How to Make a Great First Vlog
 -- WikiHow: Be a Vlogger


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